Greetings & Thanksgiving All My Relations,

Pato is currently working as a guest star in 20+ episodes of América Televisión’s hit series “Así Es La Vida” (“That’s Life”) in Lima, Peru, as well as teaching classes there. Read More

Thank you for visiting my new-and-improved (eyyyy!) official website. It’s good to be back Stateside and in cyberspace. I apologize profusely and sincerely for having disappeared so unexpectedly a few years ago. It’s a long story that perhaps I will share with you one day.

Special heart-felt thanks to all those of you who patiently endured my four-year hiatus in and out of Bolivia, and searched for me high and low. Extra special heart-felt thanks to those of you who either managed to track me down, or put together your own Pato Hoffmann websites and/or e-mail groups to exchange information about me. Extremely flattering…..

In the near future I will post a long letter outlining my escapades during my absence. In the meantime some of that information can be found scattered here throughout.

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Regarding this website: please excuse any errors, inconsistencies, limitations and omissions it may have. This is very much a work in progress and much remains to be done. Putting together a thorough and functional website is no simple task. I will do my best and look forward to the experience.

Until soon, thank you once again and wish many blessings to one and all.

O’ Mitakuye Oasin!